Our story

In no time, TEA DAY spread its footprints in the country with 65+ outlets in 6 states and 17 Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. We have outlets in various sizes & models with carpet area of 90 sq.ft to 600 sq.ft (Outlet model, cafe model, kiosks within Top IT Companies of the world)

Finest Long Journey to Your Cup

The liquid gold in your cup began its journey thousands of miles away. We work directly with the tea growers in the North east India to handcraft a proprietary blend of tea that meets our quality and expectation.

Our signature are 100% organic rich with desi heritage & taste.

You’re sure to enjoy the very best freshness and aromas from our tea.


Is to create spirit & values in the lives of our fast growing brand, that inspires our customers, franchisees, employees and our team members. Our company is committed to serve fresh, traditional & authentic tea is not so traditional but a modern style cafe, making Tea as strong as friendship.

Message From Founder

1) My journey started with fear. Over time I learnt that the same fear brings out my courage and makes me work harder. The harder I work, more luckier I get everytime. I want to encourage everyone with the passion for business to overcome the fear, work harder and grow along with us.

2) We encourage & welcome passionate entrepreneurs to start their outlets across the globe but also act as catalyst on their journey towards healthy profits and success.

At the TEA DAY, we believe in creating recipes from natural, fresh ingredients. We source our Tea leaves from north-India tier-1 Garden. Zero Artificial flavor’s to enhance the real taste of ChaiTea. We use fresh milk & RO purified water. Quality is our Heart of family & we value your Health.
We use garden-fresh fruits to prepare all our drinks (Shakes, Smoothies, Coolers). All our products on the menu are delicious, proven, tested and good for all seasons.

Our committed marketing team helps to promote your business and drive sale. We establish a robust cost-effective marketing strategy keeping in the mind the latest cuisine trends, customers preferred flavor’s and specific target audience. we make customers relationships stronger, long lasting and higher sale and profit.

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